Wow! How Time Flies!

Its been almost a year since I last blogged here. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that, however, there is one good reason for it and that reason is the very same one that occupies the whole point of this blog – Luke 🙂

He is now 18 months old. His hair is still as red (and gorgeous) as it ever was. His eyes big and brown and he is so full of life and character.

He walks, talks, screams, among many other things. He finds throwing food around the kitchen/car/restaurants fun. He enjoys going to the park and local paddling pool and sandpit.

He says numerous words, he loves animals. His favourites are lions, tigers and cows. Or, as he calls them “moo moo’s”. Very cute. He can point out where the following are;


The last one is hilarious as far as he’s concerned.

He can also recognise many animals and mimick their sounds;


We think he’s clever, although I’m sure all parents think that of their own child(ren) but to us he’s amazing. Every day he amazes us with something new.

He’s still breastfed. Just in the morning (sometimes) and at night now. It’s very much associated with sleep, but we’re both still loving it very much.

He’s even just started singing. I bought the new Peter Andre album this week and I play it in the car a lot and he now sings along. At least his taste is music is good. I approve. 😉

He and Barney get on very well. Perhaps too well sometimes. He likes to share his food with Barney.. Something Mummy actually doesn’t approve of. (a) because it’s gross, and (b) because he could make Barney ill. But other than that they’re quite loving. He kisses and cuddles him on a daily basis (along with dropping toys on his head – ouch). I like to watch them together. I think they’re going to be very good friends.

We attend a play group every week which Luke loves. Todays activities included glue, water, sand and shaving foam play. Great fun! He really gets stuck in and is very sociable with other kids. He’s happy to play along or alongside, which at this age, is perfectly normal. He has a few little friends and they all get along well. It’s great to see.

We’re looking forward to Hallowe’en and Christmas. They’ll both be very different to last year. Luke will be more aware this year. He will have absolutely no conception about exactly what’s happening, but he will be interested in opening presents on Christmas Day, and hopefully as to what’s inside. Hallowe’en, he will be getting dressed up and we’ll see if there are any parties we can attend with him. Now he’s walking, things like this are more interesting. He’s not sat in one place all the time or crawling around a messy floor. Fab!

Next huge milestone will be his 2nd birthday. It’s less than 6 months away. Better get planning! 😉


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6 Month Update

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Well, that’s because every waking minute of my day is taken up looking after my little man. He was 6 months old on Saturday (13th September) which to be honest, just shocks me. How did he get to be 6 months old already? Where has the time gone?

He is now 16lb 4.5oz. Is around 68cm in length and is being weaned. We made it to 6 months with him being exclusively breastfed, which pleases me more than I can begin to describe. He is a joy to be around. He can be an absolute terror at times, but, all in all, he has calmed down a lot and smiles continuously so his tantrums are easily forgiven. If there was one thing I could change about him, it would be his scream. It’s awful. I’ve never heard anything like it and I actually believe that one day he will make my ears bleed. LOL.

He loves being outdoors, doesn’t like to be stuck in so much so we spend a lot of time out and about. I take him to farms, zoos, parks, you name it, we do it. His hair is still a gorgeous shade of red. I love it. Some days it looks blondish, other days bordering on brown, but he is a definite red head!

He loves, and I mean LOVES, In The Night Garden and more specifically, IgglePiggle. He goes crazy when IgglePiggle comes skipping down the path on the TV show. It’s extremely cute and I rewind the DVD 8 times in one sitting just to see the excitement in his face (and whole body) over and over again!

He still isn’t a good sleeper. I never get more than 2 hours at a time at night, something I think I am now used to, although I am always pretty tired, but I won’t complain, it’s all part of being a Mummy and having something more special than you can describe.

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And Some Updated Pictures!

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Finally, An Update!

Firstly, I guess “Mummy-To-Be” is no longer correct, since I AM a Mummy now, however, I like the name of this blog so I have no intentions of changing it at the moment.

It feels like ages since I have posted here, and I guess it is considering before I was posting sometimes two or three times a week prior to Luke’s birth!

Life is pretty hectic, as expected.

Luke takes up almost every minute of my day and I also started back at work this week, just part-time, but it still eats into any “spare” time I might have had so “me” time doesn’t really exist, not that I am complaining about that! Between feeding, dressing, changing and comforting him, I try to express milk and help run the house as much as possible. I never know where I’ll be from one minute to the next and with Luke’s moods being rather changeable and un-predictable at the moment, it makes for an interesting time!

Luke is now 8 weeks old (as of today) and is growing well. He is 11lb 2oz and growing longer more than anything.

I had a major battle on my hands for the first few weeks of his life. I wanted to breastfeed him but no-one told me that it would be so bloody hard. I didn’t realise it would be painful, stressful and quite frankly, horrible. I suffered from sore boobs, sleepless nights (because feeding was so bad) and was feeling generally miserable because every feed was a battle.

People kept telling me that the first six weeks are the worst. This was at weeks one and two. How would I ever get through another FOUR!? Well, I’m really pleased to say that I did! I continued through the pain, got some help from a breastfeeding counsellor and things are now fantastic! He fusses occasionally but all in all, there is no pain and I am loving it. I am so pleased that I persevered and I would encourage anyone in the same position to try and do so as much as possible. The closeness that you get from breastfeeding is something that no-one else can share with your baby so you should embrace every moment because it won’t be able to last forever.

Luke started to smile around week five. It’s a very exciting site. He’s developing his own little personality now and I love it. I watch him on his changing mat in the mornings, staring up at Mr Clip-Clop (a donkey that is basically a kind of clip on rattle) and he can’t help but to fixate his eyes on him and get excited. He starts to wave his arms around and then his legs start banging on the mat, sometimes so hard with excitement that I wonder how he doesn’t have bruised heels. He coo’s and smiles and it’s beautiful.
I could watch him all day. He is the same with his “Tiny Love” mobile which is situated over his cot-bed in his Nursery (he also has a cot in our room now as he never took to his crib). It seems to be the most pleasurable thing he has at the moment and although he usually gets a bit whingey after around 15 minutes underneath it, I think it is just because he gets too over-stimulated by it.

I’ll soon be bankrupt as I can’t stop buying for him. Almost every day he has something new, whether it be a new toy or clothing. It’s just too tempting. Today’s purchase was a stroller. We have a lovely pushchair but the issue with it is that we wouldn’t be able to fit both the pushchair and Barney in the car when we want to all go to the park in the summer as the pushchair takes up most of the boot space. The stroller and Barney will fit perfectly in there, or the stroller can lay across the foot space in the back of the car.

I still look at Luke on a daily basis and still don’t believe he is ours to keep. We talk about his birth a lot because we enjoy it, it was such an amazing experience. It’s true what they say, the pain is soon forgotten.

I still miss being pregnant. I miss feeling “Flump’s” kicks and rubbing my expanded belly, but Luke is here now and nothing compares to being able to stroke his soft, pink skin and run my fingers through his gorgeous red hair and to be able to look into his eyes and tell him that I love him more than life itself. He is beautiful. I love him to bits.

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Luke Kian Matthew – Born 13th March 2008!

Luke Kian Matthew Mecham was born on Thursday 13th March 2008 at 03:53am weighing 6lb 11oz.

I started having contractions on Sunday 9th March at around 2.30am. They weren’t terrible but bad enough for me to start using my TENS machine that I’d bought a couple of weeks prior. I went with Matt to attend a race that he and my Dad were running together at our local nature reserve for Prostate Cancer. Once I was up and about, they stopped at around 9.00am. I had backache for the rest of the day but that was all.

I had nothing the next day and Matt became quite ill over night with a bad cold and cough etc. By Tuesday, the contractions were back and I was in a fair bit of pain so continued to use the TENS machine. That night, we went to bed and I couldn’t sleep at all. We decided to call the Maternity Unit to go in and get checked because my contractions were coming every 6 minutes or so.

When we got to the unit, we were put into one of the delivery suites, I was asked to give a urine sample and they went off to check it. I then had an internal exam and couldn’t believe it when the midwife told me she was very sorry but I wasn’t in labour an that my cervix was still very high and closed. We were sent home and felt very disappointed.

By the time we got home, I was in considerable pain and couldn’t even lay down on my back or either side so at around 4.00am I went into the nursery and sat in the nursing chair we had bought and just used the TENS machine and swayed back and forth in the chair. I finally moved from there at around 9.00am and was a bit miffed that Matt hadn’t bothered to come and see where or how I was. I went into the bedroom and he was still in bed and I told him I was still having contractions. About an hour later, I was in the middle of a contraction and Barney (our dog) started barking and Matt jumped out of bed to try and calm him so as not to irritate me when I was in so much pain. He said he needed the loo and I asked him to just wait as I really needed to go for a wee. He was also desperate so said he was going downstair. The next thing I knew, there was an almighty crash and I jumped off the loo to find Matt crashed out on the landing sweating and looking like death warmed up. I panicked, got him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet lid and he kept falling onto me so I called an ambulance, I was so scared. They came, checked him over (not that they were very nice or compassionate at all and didn’t care that I was basically in labour and trying to deal with a man who had passed out on me…. nice!) My sister, her fiance and my Dad and his partner were all at our house within about 15 minutes and after the paramedics had gone, my sister and I took Matt to the local NHS walk in centre to be more thoroughly checked. Whilst there, Matt was dizzy again and I was having contractions every 5 minutes. It was just awful.

We got home and I made Matt go to bed. My sister stayed with me and I continued using my TENS machine. Once she had gone home, I made Matt some food and tea and ran him a bath. Ironic.. I’m in labour and waiting on him hand and foot – I was so worried about him, I felt ill.

I got ready for bed myself and took the nursing chair into our bedroom as I still couldn’t lay down at all at this point due to the contractions. At the end of Holby City, I coughed and felt a gush of fluid down below. I went to the toilet and saw that it had pretty much pooled in my knickers so wondered if it was in fact my waters. I showed Matt and he was pretty convinced it was, but I still wasn’t sure.

It then continued to trickle a little so he urged me to call the Maternity Unit, which I did, albeit reluctantly.

When I called at around 9.15pm, I told the midwife on the phone that I thought my waters had gone and that I was having contractions that were coming 3-4 minutes apart. She stopped me right in the middle of this sentence and apologised and said that the Maternity Unit was closed as they were so busy and that she would have to give me another number – of a hospital that is almost 30 miles away! I just stood there open mouthed! When I told Matt he was just shocked. Could it get any worse for us!

I called the hospital, which turned out to be Hinchingbrooke. I was having contractions whilst I was on the phone and the midwife was telling me to just speak when I could. She then told me that she would have a word with the nurse in charge and then call me back. Ten minutes later, she called back and asked a few questions and told me to have something to eat and drink and then make my way in…

…one problem.. I certainly couldn’t drive and Matt was in no fit state to drive 30 miles after passing out just a few hours earlier!

We had to call my sister to come and get us, but she had to find someone to look after her 3 boys too so that her and her fiance could both take us as she would never have found the hospital in Huntingdon herself and I’d have hated her driving that distance in the middle of the night anyway.

Matt and I were waiting at the back of our house and they finally arrived at around 10pm. By this time I was getting really impatient and anxious and the TENS machine was starting to wear off. We set off and 3 miles down the road, Matt checked to see if we had my maternity notes and we didn’t! I couldn’t believe it when we had to go back!! This had added 10 minutes onto a 30 minute journey! Nightmare!

We finally got to the hospital and had to head to A&E who told us where to go, The woman at the desk mentioned it was a long walk so we might want to take a wheelchair. My sister grabbed one but I just walked off in front, wanting to get up to the maternity unit for some help.

Once we wre up there, we were taken into a lovely delivery room which had an en-suite bathroom. The midwife looked through my notes and asked a few questions and watched me habing contractions. She then said that she wanted to wait to examine me as if my waters had gone it could introduce infection and they didn’t want to do that so asked me to go for a walk for a while until they settled a bit more, and then they would decide whether I was staying or going home (Er, I think not!!). I managed to walk out of the unit and to the end of the corridor to say goodbye to my sister and her fiance (who had to get home to their kids since it was now around midnight I think). As I said goodbye, I felt another gush so told Matt who asked if I wanted to go back to the room to check. When I got to the bathroom, I saw bright red blood on my pad and panicked. I told him and he buzzed the nurse who came straight in. She then told me that she didn’t want to do an internal still at this point because of infection so she did a speculum test – like a smear, which confirmed my waters HAD gone. She then said she would do an internal examination and told me that I was going to be pleased as it was “better news than last night” and that I was 6cm dilated. I WAS IN FULL BLOWN LABOUR!!!!

She immediately asked what pain relief I wanted, to which I replied “yes please”. I started off with entinox which I got very high on (Matt has video to prove it LOL) and then I had a Meptid injection in my thigh. The entinox was the best thing ever. I still couldn’t lay down at this point as it was too painful so sat on the edge of the bed and had Matt helping me walk around the room – I was too high to even stand on my own LOL!

I’m not sure about times, but the midwife, also called Debbie, decided to put on the fetal heart rate monitor and found that with each contraction I was having, the baby’s heart-rate was decelerating quite dramatically from around 160bpm to 80bpm. After about 40 minutes of monitoring she asked me to turn onto my side for a better reading. A couple of minutes later, I had massive contraction and let out a huge grunt which prompted her to ask me if I felt the urge to push, which I did. I can’t describe it but I felt like I needed the absolute biggest poo of my entire life!! I was absolutely sure throughout that I was actually doing one, although Matt assured me, I wasn’t!

From then on, with every single contraction, I felt the overwhelming urge to push. Debbie told me to leave the gas and air alone and to just go with it. If I felt I needed to push, then to push. With each contraction I was pushing really hard and oh my God, the pain! It was incredible. I knew it was going to hurt but the burning sensation was just something that I had never imagined. I told Matt to get down there and to watch so he did. He was very encouraging along with the midwife. After about 15 minutes of pushing, Matt told me that the head was out and I told him to confirm that it was ALL out so I knew the worst part was over. He said that it was the weirdest thing ever seeing the little head just hanging out. Debbie told me that with the next contraction that the rest of the baby would be born. The only thing was, the next contraction decided to take it’s time and it was a few minutes before I had another! She even said “any time today Debbie” LOL! A few minutes later, I had another contraction and the rest of the baby was born.

We had always planned for Matt to tell me the sex and cut the cord, but it turned out that the cord was wrapped quite tightly around the neck and the sex became an afterthought because the midwife clamped and cut the cord and then handed the baby to me. She then took a look and said “a boy!”. I looked at Matt and said “It’s Luke, we have a Luke!”

He had a lot of meconium behind his head which meant that he had poo’d inside me so too!

Luke was then put onto the resusitaire and needed minimal oxygen according to our notes. His Apgar scores after 1 and 5 minutes was 9 out of 10 which was brilliant. He only lost points as his hands and feet were slightly blue. He was then passed back to me for skin to skin contact and had his first little feed.

The placenta was then delivered and Debbie informed me that it was quite thin. We later found out that this meant that the placenta had stopped working which is why Luke only weighed 6lb 11oz rather than being around 8lb as expected. He was born very long but also very thin. I’m sure we will put some meat on him though!

I had 2nd degree tears which were stitched up. Needless to say, I sucked on gas and air for the full 25 minutes it took to do that! Ouch!

We had to stay in hospital for a night as they needed to check his blood sugar levels at 8 hourly intervals because of the cord and meconuim. each time they did it, it was fine though so all was good! We got to leave around 6pm the following day as breastfeeding wasn’t going quite as well as we had hoped, mainly because he wasn’t too interested. We’re now doing well with it and he is turning into a bit of a booby monster but I am loving it!

I have to say that as annoyed as I was that I couldn’t give birth at home here in Peterborough, I am really glad it happened in Hinchingbrooke in the end as it was a lovely hospital and the staff there are just marvelous. I couldn’t have asked for a better midwife for the delivery either.

Here is our little Luke. I’m totally in love with him!


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39 Weeks! 1 To Go!

One more week to go. That’s all. I can’t believe we have 7 days until Flump’s official due date.

Today I am feeling very sore. I have pain in my ribs, hip, pelvis, back, you name it, it hurts! I got stuck in bed this morning as I felt as though my right ribs had been broken. I had to wake Matt to come and pull me up which caused a tremendous amount of pain. OUCH!

I’m trying to help labour along. I’ve bought clary sage oil which I am about to use in the bath and may use with some olive oil later for massaging. The birthing ball will be getting put to good use later on too. I’ve not had a lot of time recently for bouncing on it as with Matt’s birthday and other things going on, we haven’t really been home at night and by the time we have got home, I’ve just wanted to come up and lay down.

Wish me luck!

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I’ll Miss You…

This past week I have been feeling rather emotional about my bump. I know it will soon be gone and although I know that what’s in there right now will be on the outside, in my arms, it’s a strange feeling to know that I won’t be able to feel little “Flump” wriggling around, responding to the games we like to play and that my hard, mountainous belly will deflate and become something that resembles more of a wobbly jelly!

I feel sad that “Flump” will no longer exist. It sounds so stupid. I know it does. I keep asking Matt how I am going to get used to calling our baby by the name we have chosen and not “Flump” after all of these months. I know for a fact that it will be easy once he or she is here but right now it doesn’t seem like it.

I love Flump. I’ve bonded with him or her. I’m going to love our baby, I already do and have done since day one. Being pregnant and actually having your baby are two difference experiences though and not having “Flump” inside anymore will take some getting used to.

I still can’t wait to meet you “Flump”.

Love Forever,

Mummy xxxxx

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